The question of where we come from is a mystery man has explored throughout human history. Highway Media has partnered with BioLogos and director Ryan Pettey (After the Last Round) to create a documentary that seeks to reopen the dialogue between science and faith. With fresh insight from some of the great theological minds of our day, and a candid examination of the Biblical creation narrative, From the Dust creates an unflinching context in which to interact with new ideas and ancient narrative.

Our goal in crafting the film was not to ignite the classic creation / evolution contest, but rather to frame the story of man’s origins in a larger dialogue of how we read the scriptures, how we regard scientific discovery, and how man’s search for his place in the universe often leads down the narrow road of absolutes.

Our hope is that From the Dust stirs a renewed vigor in the search for truth—both scientific and spiritual—and that fruitful conversation and spirited dialogue will result from your viewing of the film.